Flora&mi Apron

Where did the idea for a practical apron come from?

The idea of an apron was created during a beautiful and useful education on floral arrangements. The tools for working with flowers – scissors, strings, straps, pliers, knives, were lost under the plants on the tables. The time spent searching for tools could had been used to create more arrangements or details. The aprons we carried on ourselves protected us from getting dirty and that was the end of their function. So the idea of an apron was born where everything a professional or an amateur needed for work would fit.

All the tools are located at your fingertips, in specially designed compartments or pockets, and besides being practical for use, the apron is made of natural material, but sufficiently strong and functional. At the end of the work, all the tools stored in the compartments of the apron are just folded and carried, just as a professional chef carries his knives. Hence the name Flora and we — plants and we humans, together for one: a beautiful coexistence on the planet Earth to us.

The apron was originally designed for florists, but it has proven to be useful to gardeners, fruit growers, arrangers and all other active creators.


Tools in one place, within reach at all times

Practical for use with enough pockets for various creative tools (when bending there is no danger of “stabbing” with scissors, pliers, etc.)

At the end of the work the tools are just rolled up in the apron and all the equipment is ready for future creativity


Quality Material: 100% cotton (dense weaving and increased strength)

Sewn in small batches in the Kamensko Association


Maja Marija 3

There is the possibility of printing names on the apron according to your wishes

The apron is 80 cm long (with the possibility of additional adjusting behind the neck)


Price including shipment 50 EUR

Possibility of organizing printing on the apron by arrangement.
Payment: Internet banking.

We deliver all over the world

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